Frequently Asked Questions


What is online learning, aka distance education?

The Grove (CVDL) is one of many public distance education schools in British Columbia. These schools are under the direction of the B.C. Ministry of Education. The Grove (CVDL) is licensed and accredited by the provincial government. The Grove (CVDL) offers programs and courses personalized to the student’s interests and passions (such as independent-directed studies and self-directed studies); we also offer courses developed by Open School and Western Canadian Learning Network (online through Brightspace); lastly, we have courses and programs that are locally by SD79 BC certified teachers.

What is the School Calendar for this year?

Our programs follow the same school calendar as the rest of School District 79. The calendars can be found at this link: SD79 School Calendar

Does the Grove offer Student Learning Funds?

Yes, we do! A Student Learning Fund is an allocated amount for each online student made available to support student learning. Fulltime K-9 students enrolled by September 30 of the calendar year will be offered access to $600 (for the school year). Please follow this link to learn more.

Can I graduate with a Dogwood through the Grove (CVDL)?

The Grove (CVDL) is a regular SD79 BC public school which employs licensed BC teachers and is entitled to issue BC Secondary school graduation diplomas (Dogwoods) to graduating students. The Grove (CVDL) graduates can participate in a full cap and gown graduation ceremony each year in June.

Please follow this link to learn more about the B.C. Graduation Program.

Can I take courses over the summer? 

Unfortunately, the Grove does not have staff that work over the summer. Students taking courses with us during the school year may continue to work on those courses over the summer. Teachers are not available in July and August, but they can be contacted when we are back in session in September. 

What does it cost to enroll in Online Learning? 

There are no tuition costs for British Columbia citizens who reside in British Columbia or are temporarily travelling out of the province for up to (2) two years and have not previously graduated. If you are an SD79 graduate, you may qualify for upgrading courses at The Grove (CVDL) at no cost; please contact the Principal for more information. Some Grove (CVDL) programs may require refundable books or calculator deposits.

How do I register? 

Please visit this page for more information: How to sign up with The Grove (CVDL)

Can I transfer back to regular school from The Grove (CVDL)?

Yes, you may transfer back to any SD79 school. All Grove students have a transition plan as a part of their annual Student Learning Plan. At year-end, if a family wishes to move to a new program in SD79, the transition usually starts before the end of the school year. This will differ for each family and may require consultation with various team members.

Students may transfer in or out of The Grove (CVDL) during the year at natural transition times. This could also look different for different families. This may require some team meetings if families wish to attend a school outside of their catchment area (check out this link to find your catchment area school). For grades K to 9, the matching of the curriculum will be determined by The Grove (CVDL) teachers for incoming students. The match for students leaving The Grove (CVDL) and entering regular schools will be the receiving school’s responsibility.

What if I attend another school? Can I take courses at The Grove?

For Students in K to 9:

Students in grades K to 9 can not cross-enroll at this time. However, with permission from the home school and the Grove academic advisor, students in grade 9 can cross-enroll and take grade 10, 11 or 12 courses.

For Students in Grades 10 to 12:
Yes, all Grades 10 to 12 students can choose how they build their graduation program. They may take courses only with us at The Grove or choose to take courses at both their neighbourhood school and The Grove (CVDL) at no cost (called cross-enrollment).

**A student can not be enrolled in the same course simultaneously at two different schools**

What grade 10 to 12 courses do you offer?

We offer a wide range of courses toward a full Dogwood Graduation Diploma. Please visit this page for more information: List of all course offerings at The Grove (CVDL) 10 to 12 program.

If you do not see a course listed, please contact the Grove Academic advisor, as there may be independent-directed studies or self-directed studies options for you.

What can I start? 

New enrollments for our K to 9 programs begin in January/February each school year for the following year. After September 30th, we accept new enrollments if spaces are available in the program. A family will be placed on a waitlist if no spaces are available.

For students in grades 10 to 12, new courses may be started at any time. We would love it if students could complete their courses by mid-June (as we all need a summer vacation!). Secondary courses typically average around 90 to 110 hours, but students can work at their own pace.

What is the role of a home facilitator?

Please follow this link to learn more.

How do I find out the Graduation Requirements? 

Grade and graduation requirements are outlined on the Ministry of Education Website. You can find them at this link: New Graduation Program Requirements.

You can make an appointment at ANY time to work with The Grove’s (CVDL) academic advisor to review your progress toward graduation.

Graduation Handbook

Can I do Online Learning by myself?

In grades K to 9, all students must have a home facilitator working with them. Most of the program will be delivered at home with the home facilitator, guided and supported/ in collaboration with a BC-certified teacher.

More on home facilitators

In grades 10 to 12, parents or guardians (aka home facilitators) are expected to assist students by monitoring time and work completed (basic executive functioning). Parental help may not be possible in some courses and may not be required. The family may hire a tutor if and when needed (at their cost). The teachers and advisors at The Grove (CVDL) are here to assist either face to face, by phone, virtually, by email or through texting.

Are Grove teachers BC certified?

Yes. All public school teachers must hold a current teaching certificate issued by the BC Ministry of Education.

What is the difference between OL (enrolled)  and Homeschooling (registered)?

Read More Here: Distributed Learning vs. Homeschooling

My child has special needs. What support can they receive with OL?

For all our Grove programs, the type of support available for students with special needs depends on location, student needs and availability of resources. Please contact the school to get more information.