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(P) 1-250-746-0277


(M) 1033 Nagle Street (MacKirdy Building), Duncan, BC, Canada, V9L 2E6

The Grove Open Learning General Staff :

  • Joeleen Achurch (ELL Teacher) Tuesday and Thursday: jachurch at
  • Amanda Henry (Indigenous Support Worker) Tuesday: ahenry at
  • Kjersten Herkel (Education Assistant): kjerkel at
  • Colleen Mullin (Principal): cmullin at
  • Teresa Petty (Administrative Assistant): grovesecretary at
  • Jan Sanders (Student Support Worker): jsanders at
  • Nic Schofield (Counsellor): nschofleld at
  • Johanna Stuart (Resources and Learning Assistance Teacher): jstuart at

The Grove Elementary Teaching Staff: K-9

  • Clayton Broughton (Teacher) (Grades 6-7): cbroughton at
  • Colleen Mullin (Teacher)(Grades 4 to 9): cmullin at
  • Christine Robbins (Teacher) (Grades K-5): crobbins at
  • Heather Oosten (Teacher) (Grades K-5): hoosten at
  • Brian Tattom (Teacher) (Grades 7-9): btattom at

The Grove Secondary Teaching Staff: 10 to 12

  • Colleen Mullin (Teacher) (English, Socials, Electives): cmullin at
  • Nic Schofield (Teacher) (PHE 10 to 12, CLE and CLC):
  • Allano Shillito (Teacher) (Math, Science, Electives): ashillito at

The Grove Nature Collective Teaching Staff: K to 9

  • Krista Crowther (Teacher) (Grades K-9): kcrowther at
  • Karin Farquhar (teacher) (Grades K-9) -kfarquhar at

The Grove Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Academy (at Adage): 8 to 12

  • Jaci Geiger (Teacher): jgeiger at
  • Allano Shillito (Teacher): ashillito at


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1033 Nagle Street (MacKirdy Building)
Duncan, BC, Canada

Phone: (250) 746-0277
Fax: (250) 746-0255
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